Holiday Session Questionnaire

We are excited that you have decided to join us this Holiday Session in the studio to make memories with your family!  With over 25 beautifully designed set ups these classic and simple set ups are perfect for holiday gifts and custom holiday photo cards….

I have put together a little session information below to help guide everyone through their Sessions as well as to help us prepare for your family if you could please fill out the questionnaire below!

The sessions will move really quick… mostly to get the best pictures from the children as the best photos are always taken while I have the child’s full attention.  We will be offering Full Family sessions that include multiple set ups and time for outfit changes… as well as our mini sessions for Families and Children only that are looking for just a few holiday images for their Holiday Cards….

Our beautiful set ups….

Premium Set Ups

Deluxe Set Ups


THANK YOU to all of you!!! I am so excited and I cannot wait to meet you and your wonderful families, and if you’re returning clients… well, you know we’re going to have so much fun!!
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